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What is Certified2Perform?

MedTest Dx Confidently Stands Behind Our Certified2Perform Analyzers:


MedTest Dx Certified2Perform analyzers are evaluated by our team of industry experienced electrical engineers in order to meet the rigorous standards of the healthcare industry.  Every instrument is put through an exhaustive Certified2Perform checklist developed around the original manufacturer’s recommendations.

This intensive process ensures a  dependable, reliable, quality instrument,  resulting is customer confidence. Using original manufacturer specified parts, we guarantee that every Certified2Perform analyzer operates up to the original manufacturers’ standards.

Certified2Perform Checklist

Identification, documentation and verification of serial number
Identification, documentation and verification of test count of analyzer
Inspection for any damage on: Panels, Plastic Covers, Wheels, etc.
Identification of any recently replaced assemblies or parts
Performance Analysis
Decontamination and Breakdown
Decontamination of analyzer
Removal of all external panels
Drain all fluids
Remove all assemblies (and sub-assemblies)
Removal of all internal waste
Removal of all water tubing
Inspection of analyzer frame integrity
Refurbishment Process
Paint frame to original color
Refurbish all assemblies and sub-assemblies following manufacturer specifications and OEM parts
Replace tubing as per manufacturer specifications
Installation of refurbished assemblies
Replace all necessary consumable items as needed: Probes, Syringes, Lamps, Cuvettes, etc.
Build custom computer w/ solid state hard drive to ensure integrity and longevity
Install latest software updates
Post-Refurbishment System Testing
Perform alignments to manufacturer specifications
Installation of internal fluids as to manufacturer capacity specifications
Electrical: Transformer set to customer needs and Verification of proper voltages of all power supplies
Fluidics: inspection for leaks, pressure levels, flow rates, and vaccum pressures
Mechanical: Verification of proper alignments using OEM alignment jigs and Perform sequence testing
Photometry: Perform W1, W2, Photocal and Water Test
Control and Validation
Installation of several manufacturer reagents based upon customer needs
Verification of Precision and Accuracy according to reagent manufacturer
Drain all necessary fluids
Apply / Install proper protection for assemblies

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