Pointe Scientific brand Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PD) is the only 510(k) cleared, CE marked quantitative reagent manufactured in the USA.

400 Million

People Worldwide

live with G6PD Deficiency

Key Facts:


  • Most common enzymatic blood disorder


  • Requires a medical diagnosis; lab screening always required
  • Exposure to specific triggers may result in hemolytic crisis*


  • Treatment can help, but this condition cannot be cured

Pointe Scientific Brand G6PD is the Superior Choice

Pointe Scientific reagents for G6PD spectrophotometry testing is considered the gold standard for the sensitive and accurate quantitative determination of G6PD in blood. Unlike other G6PD assays, which require a total of 30 minutes of sample preparation steps, the Pointe Scientific G6PD assay requires only a single 5-minute lysing step and can be on-board lysed, reducing the time to results of the determination of G6PD activity levels in whole blood.

Improved Patient Outcomes

  • Quantitative test results provides a specific level of severity (see Table 1)
  • Elimination of a qualitative screen by starting with quantitative screen

Unparalled Accuracy

  • Run our hemoglobin assay concurrently on the same analyzer as the G6PD assay
  • Correlation Coefficient of 0.994
  • Manufactured under ISO 13485 standards

Superior Operations

  • Eliminate subjective test results from visual observation of color change
  • Reduction in scrap-rate due to 24 month shelf-life
  • Onboard lyse capabilities

Streamlined Solution

  • Enzymatic method assay requires no calibrator
  • Time savings with 5-minute lysing step
  • One source supplier of reagent, lyse, control and hemoglobin assay
  • It is critical to understand the patient’s exact level of severity prior to and during medical therapies, such as chemotherapy, to eliminate the risk of severe adverse reactions


  • An individual’s G6PD enzyme activity may shift throughout their life making it important to know their current level of severity in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Early diagnosis of G6PD deficiency in newborns enables health care professionals to educate parents on which triggers to avoid that may cause a hemolytic crisis
  • Performing G6PD screenings on military personnel eliminates the risk of adverse reactions from common anti-malaria drugs such as Primaquine, Chloroquine and its derivatives