SDS Inserts for all our products

Pointe Hemoglobin Open Channel

Pointe Hemoglobin Standard

Pointe Hitachi Detergent

Pointe Hitachi Internal Reference

Pointe Hitachi ISE Diluent

Pointe Hitachi KCL Solution

Pointe Homocysteine Controls

Pointe Homocysteine Reagent and Calibrators Open Channel

Pointe Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hCG Open Channel

Pointe Human Urine Control Set

Pointe Inorganic Phosphorus Open Channel

Pointe Inorganic Phosphorus Open Channel

Pointe Iron Standard

Pointe Iron-UIBC/TIBC Open Channel

Pointe ISE Standard High

Pointe ISE Standard Low

Pointe Lactate Open Channel

Pointe Lactate Standard

Pointe LDH Open Channel

Pointe LDH Open Channel 2

Pointe Lipase Open Channel

Pointe Lipid Controls

Pointe Lipoprotein(a) Open Channel

Pointe Liquid autoHDL Open Channel

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