LC/MS Controls, Calibrators and Internal Standards

Ready-to-use, single-use calibrators and controls with extended shelf life customized for your testing needs

Drug Confirmation Testing

During these challenging times it is critical to utilize your limited lab resources effectively. 

Your lab has invested a lot of time and effort to in-source LC/MS Toxicology Confirmation Testing. This effort has many challenges – one of which is manufacturing your own Calibrators, Controls, and Internal Standards.  This activity requires:

  • Dedicating limited, valuable labor to manage this tedious time-consuming process
  • Inventory management and storage of sensitive materials
  • Record-keeping: quality control of your methods and reagents
  • Equipment maintenance and calibration

The HORIBA Medical, Clintitox™ system of calibrators, controls and internal standards can help with the challenges you likely face with your drug confirmation testing calibrators, controls and standards. We work together with you to provide cost savings and efficiencies.

We specialize in optimizing customized calibrators and controls specifically for your drug analyte panel and cut-offs, taking into consideration testing requirements, LC/MS instrumentation and sample matricies. Your custom profile is created and can be edited as your laboratory dictates, or updated as your drug analyte panel and cut-off testing needs change.

If you have already validated your test method and determined your precise set of compounds and concentrations based on targeted calibration points and cut-offs, MedTest Dx will match your stock solution exactly to avoid the need for any method changes that might require revalidation. Additionally, if changes happen within your laboratory, for instance a change in instrumentation, we will work with you to ensure the calibrators, controls and internal standards continue to meet your needs.  If you require adding, removing or changing a drug target or modifying cut-offs, we are happy to work with you on those adjustments.

A recent improvement that we have developed addresses the limited shelf life of calibrators and controls stored in screw top vials. This concern was expressed by many customers and we found a “purpose built” solution.  Our custom calibrators and controls are now available in single use ampules, which significantly extends the shelf life. This also allows for much simpler inventory control and reduces waste based on short or expired dating. When a laboratory orders ampules, we will work with you to set the precise volume of the stock solution required to make your desired number of calibrations per ampule.

Additionally, each and every lot of our products are thoroughly tested for quality prior to release and come with a Certificate of Analysis from our GMP and ISO certified facility.

Laboratories who prepare their own calibrators, controls and internal standards should take a look at what we have to offer. We are dedicated to this type of manufacturing and our in- house expertise, along with automated systems, ensures laboratories receive a reliable, accurate, and precise product provided in a timely manner.

Key Benefits for Your Lab:

  • Eliminate the challenges above associated with making your own LC/MS Toxicology calibrators, controls, and internal standards
    1. Redirect your valuable labor resources to other productive activities
    2. Simplified workflow resulting in substantial time and cost savings
  • Third party reagents produced to exacting standards
    1. Each lot is quality tested prior to release and comes with a certificate of analysis
    2. Eliminate raw material degradation due to multiple freeze-thaw cycles
  • Easy to use, single use ampule format reagents available as stock or can be customized for your panel
    1. Provide extended reagent shelf life, simplified inventory control, and reduced waste
    2. Provide precise formulation and lot consistency

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