Pointe Calcium (Arsenazo) Instrument Specific Reagent, Biolis 24i Analyzer

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Pointe brand Calcium (Arsenazo) Reagent comes ready-to-use in liquid format with 4 x 38 mL of R1 material. This high quality product is manufactured in the United States under a highly regulated FDA environment and requires no reconstitution or dilution steps. It is packaged and barcoded specifically for moderately complex use on the Biolis 24i clinical chemistry analyzers and is used for the quantitative determination of Calcium (Arsenazo) in serum.


  • Regulatory Requirements: FDA Cleared & CE Marked
  • Ease of Use: Packaged and bar coded specifically for the Biolis 24i Chemistry Analyzer
  • Convenience: Moderately complex with the Biolis 24i Chemistry Analyzer