Pointe Acid Phosphatase Instrument Specific Reagent, Biolis 24i

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Pointe brand Acid Phosphatase Reagent comes in powder format with 10 x 10 mL of R1 material, 1 x 5 mL of L-Tartrate material and 1 x 15 mL of buffer material. This high quality product is manufactured in the United States under a highly regulated FDA environment and has an enhanced reconstitution stability up to 14 days at 2-8 °C. It is packaged and barcoded specifically for highly complex use on the Biolis 24i clinical chemistry analyzers and is used for the quantitative determination of Acid Phosphatase serum.


  • Regulatory Requirements: FDA Cleared & CE Marked
  • Ease of Use: Packaged and bar coded specifically for the Biolis 24i Chemistry Analyzer
  • Reliability: Measuring range up to 40 U/L