Pointe 180 Semi-Automatic Clinical Analyzer

The Pointe™ 180 is a small, semi-automated bench top chemistry analyzer that can read and calculate results of endpoint, initial rate, kinetic rate and batch kinetic assays. The analyzer can use single point calibration by standard/factor, multi-point calibration with point to point curve fit, percent absorbance and rate by standard or factor. It is equipped with graphic software, 37 °C.



Streamlined operations due to on-board printer


Easy Operations

Easy operations due to step by step commands



Portable and lightweight design for effortless re-positioning


Enhance Lamp Life

Enhanced lamp life due to automatic shut off after 15 minutes of non-use


Key Markets


  • Educational/Research
  • Veterinary

“For over 30 years, Universities and Colleges across the United States have relied on Pointe™ branded clinical chemistry analyzers, by HORIBA Medical, to support and grow their Medical Technology Programs.”

Quick Fact

Enhanced Performance

reads, calculates and prints test results under three seconds

Greater Reliability

with automatic flagging of abnormal test results

Cost Savings

because there is no scheduled maintenance required


End point, kinetic bichromatic

Measurement Range and Accuracy:

0.0 to 2.50 Absorbance Units (A)

+/- (1% of the reading + 0.005 A) at 1.5A

+/- (2% of the reading + 0.005 A) at 1.5-2A

Reagent Reaction Temperature:



Whole blood, serum, plasma

Light Source:

Tungsten halogen lamp with lamp-saver feature


6 filter wheel (340-600 nm)

Filter Type:

Multiple-cavity sealed interface

Calculation Modes:

Single point calibration by standard or factor, multipoint calibration with point to point curve fit, multipoint percent absorbance rate standard or factor


Reads, calculates and prints results in 3 seconds


Built in 37°C incubation block with 12 stations

Removable Flow Cell (Reduced Reagent Consumption):


Minimum Sample Volume:

1 mL for 12 mm tube

Patient Storage Data:

Up to 60 tests


12 mm round is standard


Built-in thermal dot matrix

Display Type:

Alphanumeric, 16 character, LCD


110-120/220-240 VAC from 50 to 60 Hz

Dimensions (L x W x H):

24 x 34 x 10 cm


Approximately 10 lbs (4.5 Kg)

Printer Paper for the Pointe™ 180 Semi-Automated Analyzer

1 qty.

SKU #: 90.P1907-03

Linearity Check Kit for the Pointe™ 180 Semi-Automated Analyzer

1 qty.

SKU #: 90.L7548-180



Spare Lamp for the Pointe™ 180 and 180 II Semi-Automated Analyzers

1 qty.

SKU #: 90.P1907-01

Spare Fuses for the Pointe™ 180 Semi-Automated Analyzer

1 qty.

SKU #: 90.P1907-02



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