Intuitive Drug Testing and Monitoring Solutions for Pain Medication Therapy

More than half (52%) of Americans misused prescription drugs in 2017*

Pain Management

In 2019, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Center for Health Statistics found that 20.4 percent of adults had chronic pain** With the extensive number of Americans living with pain, medication therapy by prescription opioids has gained significant acceptance over the years. Due to this acceptance, in 1986, the World Health Organization adopted the 3-step Pain ladder, shown in Figure 1. Today, it still remains the standard and represents a roadmap for pain treatment.**** As pain medication therapy by prescription opioids continues to increase in America, so does opioid related addiction and deaths. Therefore, it is critical that pain management specialists implement effective drug testing and monitoring programs to reduce the risk of prescription misuse and addiction. HORIBA Medical is focused on providing simplified drug testing solutions for pain management specialists, allowing them to accurately test and monitor their patient’s drug use during drug therapy. HORIBA Medical provides a line of high quality and economical automated toxicology analyzers, along with a comprehensive line of open channel drugs of abuse reagents, which can be placed on any clinical chemistry analyzer. Furthermore, HORIBA Medical provides convenient and reliable solutions for laboratories that are implementing or performing in-house LC/MS drug confirmation testing.

Thousand people died in the United States from overdoses involving prescription opioids from 1999-2019***

Million - The Number of opioid prescriptions given to patients in 2019***


of individuals in the U.S. who filled at least one prescription for an opioid in 2019***

Figure 1: WHO’s 3-step pain ladder****


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