Method Consultation and Implementation

MedTest Dx Clinitox Solutions are formulated to meet your laboratory’s drugs of abuse toxicology confirmation testing needs. We provide all tools necessary for you to create a reliable method for confirmation testing in your lab.

LC/MS Instrumentation

  • Consult on different LC/MS instrumentation based on your current and future sample testing/application needs: matrix, specificity, sensitivity, speed, application
  • Discuss LC/MS accessories available





LDT Procedure Development

  • We assist in designing customized drug panels; based on the drug analytes and cut-offs, LC/MS method parameters are optimized prior to instrumentation installation, to determine the best sensitivity and selectivity of each analyte
  • Based on your sample matrix, we customize a sample preparation and extraction protocol in order to remove as many interferences as possible, while maximizing the recovery of the analytes

Method Implementation             

  • The method implementation and setup of the drug analysis panel follows a specific protocol designed and customized to train and introduce the techniques required to successfully implement a LC/MS confirmation panel for drug toxicology in multiple matrices
  • After the initial installation and setup of the panel, a full training process is implemented addressing key areas of implementation for the clinical analyst
  • Full technical support is available on an “on-call” basis throughout the lifetime of a consumables contract. This includes online technical support Monday to Friday 8AM to 6PM EST, with full technical oversight to assist and troubleshoot the hardware, application and assay related issues that may occur during the course of the processes

If you have a current confirmation method, or are looking to implement a new confirmation method, our method consultation can:

  • Improve throughput
  • Reduce equivocal results
  • Improve results
  • Extend the life to consumables

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