How Clinical Laboratories Save Money & Help Physicians Become Patient-Centric

Jeffrey Reid, Tony McCraney

29 mins

Value-based healthcare policies continue driving the healthcare market away from a fee-for-service model and more toward an enhanced patient management model. Therefore, physicians need to become more patient-centric to strengthen their competitiveness in the marketplace.

While this market shift continues expanding, physicians depend heavily on diagnostic testing to aid patient therapy and treatment in a timely manner. In return, the patient’s chronic disease outcome may drastically improve.

Since clinical laboratories analyze and generate the test results, they are one of the most vital pieces in this dynamic market shift. The laboratory decision makers will need to implement strategies to enhance laboratory efficiencies, keep up with the ever-growing sample volumes and counter the decline in test reimbursements.

Join this webinar to learn…

…the current market trends that are impacting clinical laboratories.

…how clinical laboratories can become more competitive in the marketplace.

…ways clinical laboratories can provide high quality test results and reduce overall operating costs via a versatile and fully automated chemistry analyzer.

Jeffrey Reid
MedTest Dx, Director of Business Development

Tony McCraney
Premier Medical laboratory, Chemistry Supervisor