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BA-800M In Depth Review

Analyzer Comparison: BA-800M vs. AU640

The comparison of the AU640 vs. BA-800M was prepared by Tony D. McCraney, MT (ASCP). Tony has been the lead person at Premier Medical in the performance of Urine and Oral Fluid Drug Screening and Specimen Validity Testing (SVT) for over 3 years.



Minimum reaction volume of 150 ?L
Two reagent compartments
Two wash solutions
Monthly maintenance requirements of 45 minutes
Dot Matrix printer
150 sample positions and 60 reagent positions
Mouse and keyboard computer
Test results displayed after all samples’ results are complete




Minimum reaction volume of 100 ?L
One reagent compartments
One wash solutions
Monthly maintenance requirements of 15 minutes
Modern Laserjet printer
440 sample positions and 120 reagent positions
Touchscreen computer capability
Test results displayed after individual test results are complete


BS-480 Reviews

We just upgraded to the Mindray BS-480 after using the Indiko Plus from Thermo Fisher for the last 3 1/2 years. Our volume necessitated the upgrade. We were a little worried about the switch from one instrument to another since we’ve become so comfortable with the Indiko; however, all of our concerns have been appeased. We are very satisfied with the BS-480 and the training/service that we have received. We were running samples on the first day of training/installation. With automated testing, we have saved our county $20,000 per MONTH through EtG testing and reducing the number of alcohol ankle monitors used (SCRAM monitors). Through our savings, we have been able to invest in two full-time lab technicians.

Review date: 20 April 2018

Tamara Bartek

Fairfield Co. Municipal Court

I’ve used several different analyzers over the course of my career and i would have to say that the BS480 has been the most user-friendly machine I’ve ever used. As for ease of the interface is incredibly simplified, most of my daily tasks require me to only navigate 2 different menus…Everyone I’ve spoken to at MedTest since I’ve been a part of my current practice has been great. The Technical service team is made up of some great people who will walk you through procedures if you’re unsure of what to do…I’ve been the only technician on staff and have never felt overwhelmed with the ease of loading samples to the simplistic but detailed reports there no need for additional personnel. From a reagent and cost standpoint the machine uses very little chemical…I would definitely recommend the BS480. 

Review date: 6 Dec 2017

Paul D'Ariano

Mid-Atlantic Pain Specialists

We have currently changed over from the Olympus AU 400 and the crossover was extremely easy. We really enjoy using the Mindray, super easy and fun to use.

Review date: 25 April 2017

Matt Harbey

Rocky Mountain Labs

I’ve only recently validated my instrument. But so far, I’ve found the maintenance to be easily performed, my QC remains steady, and I’m not calibrating as often as I thought I would. The initial setup for reagents, calibrators and controls as manual and took time (we are not using barcoded reagents). But reloading is a snap. The software is quite easy is navigate and after only a few days, I was comfortable running the instrument in solo mode.

Review date: 08 Feb 2017

Kathryn Atkins

Lab Partners TOX

No problems so far. Touch screen monitor nice feature. Tech support answers right away and always very helpful when needed. Accurate screening results when confirmation done.

Review date: 31 Jan 2017

Chris Jones

Central Diagnostic Lab

Reliable and economic instrument for our laboratory needs.

Review date: 27 July 2017

Peter Wright


Great instrument! Very fast and efficient. Instrument is very easy to run and maintain. Technical support is also great and always available to assist in troubleshooting!

Review date: 24 Oct 2016

Samantha Withered

Premier Pain Specialists

I would recommend the concentrated waste directly goes into the drain instead of a container which needs to be emptied regularly. Also, offer to your clients’ multiple calibration options, especially for qualitative purposes. Educate them on the various options and let them decide. Tech support is on point, and the follow up is much appreciated. I also commend the company on coming up with new ways for the system to utilize less reagent, saving clients’ money. “

Review date: 12 April 2016

Romeo Mutsvunguma

C&G Diagnostics

BS-200 Reviews

The product works great. It’s automation makes it easy for new technicians to be efficient from day one. 

Review date: 05 Dec 2017

Austin Goetsch

Priority One Medical

BS-200 is very easy to assay and maintain. The QC for assays is good and the price of reagents are very reasonable. The technical service is great. We are very happy to have it at the lab.

Review date: 29 Jul 2016

Jianhui Zhu

Penn Medical Lab

The Mindray BS-200 has been a great addition to my laboratory science course. It is easy to use, and provides visual learning opportunities for students that helps them correlate manual test methodologies to what is happening on the analyzer. I appreciate the support I receive as an educational institution too!

Review date: 29 Jan 2016

Michelle Briski

Saint Paul College

High quality, easy troubleshooting and great tech support. Nice for a physician’s office.

Review date: 26 April 2017

Joan Dinkel

Forum Medical Clinic

This instrument is used in our student simulation chemistry laboratory. Since this is the first introduction the Clinical Laboratory Science students have with an automated instrument, it is very important that the instrument is simple to operate, has user friendly software and is pretty much idiot proof…Great instrument for low volume labs…

Review date: 31 May 2016

Terri Talbot

OLOL College

Works great! Easy to use. Excellent customer service.

Review date: 31 Jan 2017

Jamie Cahan

Exodus Pain Clinic

The analyzer is very user friendly. The service that we received during installation was wonderful. Very knowledgeable installation techs. We have had a few issues with the analyzer and the service from Kevin Johns has been great. He is extremely helpful. The students also find the analyzer easy to use. The results are reliable.

Review date: 29 Jan 2016

Rebbecca Silva

New England Institute of Technology

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