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Hydrocodone Calibrator



Format: Liquid
Storage Temperature: 2-8° C

Intended Use

The DRI® Hydrocodone Assay calibrators are intended for the calibration of the DRI Hydrocodone Assay. The DRI Hydrocodone Assay Controls are used to validate the DRI Hydrocodone Assay calibration. For In Vitro Diagnostic Use Only. Rx Only


The DRI Hydrocodone Assay Calibrators and controls are liquid and ready-to-use. They are prepared by spiking known quantities of Hydrocodone into a drug-free negative human urine matrix. The DRI Hydrocodone 300 ng/mL calibrator can be used as a qualitative cutoff reference for distinguishing “positive” from “negative” samples. An estimate of drug concentration in the samples can be obtained by running a standard curve using all fi ve calibrators and by estimating sample concentrations off the standard curve. Each Calibrator is sold separately and may be used with any reagent lot. The control kit is sold seperately. Each laboratory should establish its own acceptable control ranges.

Ordering Information

Name: Catalog: Size: Concentration:
DRI Hydrocodone Calibrator 100 10018079 1 x 10 mL 100 ng/mL
DRI Hydrocodone Calibrator 300 10018080 1 x 10 mL 300 ng/mL
DRI Hydrocodone Calibrator 500 10018081 1 x 10 mL 500 ng/mL
DRI Hydrocodone Calibrator 1000 10018082 1 x 10 mL 1000 ng/mL