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Catalog #: FRU400




Format: Liquid
Wavelength: 550nm
Linearity: 1805 μmol/L
Expected Values: 100-285 μmol/L
Storage Temperature: 2-8° C
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Intended Use

Enzymatic assay for the quantitative in vitro determination of glycated protein (fructosamine) in human serum or plasma.


Reagent 1 contains Proteinase K which digests the glycated protein to yield glycated protein fragments. Ketoamine oxidase (KAO) in reagent 2 oxidizes the ketoamine bond of the glycated protein fragments. As a result hydrogen peroxide is released and it is involved in a colorimetric Trinder end-point reaction. The amount of color developed at 550 nm is proportional to the concentration of glycated protein in the sample.