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DOA Total Controls



Format: Liquid
Storage Temperature: 2-8°C

Intended Use

The MAS DOA TOTAL Control is a multi-constituent urine toxicology control offering 19 analytes with 4 distinct levels at drug concentrations 25% below and above commonly used screening and SAMHSA cutoffs.

Ordering Information

Level: Catalog: Size:
Level 1 (Negative) DOAT-1 6 x 18 mL
Level 2 DOAT-2 6 x 18 mL
Level 3 DOAT-3 6 x 18 mL
Level 4 DOAT-4 6 x 18 mL
Level 5 DOAT-5 6 x 18 mL
Level 6 DOAT-6 6 x 18 mL
Multi-Pack DOAT-MP All Six Levels Included